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Meet the 'Young Farmer' in the City

Visitors to Family Farm, Dublin Zoo this summer are learning all about Irish farming and food production via Agri Aware's resident 'Young Farmers'. Stephanie Moeran from Cavan and √Čadaoin Redmond from Carlow, who have taken up duty at Family Farm, developed by Agri Aware and Dublin Zoo.

The Young Farmers educate the visiting public in the importance of Irish farming and food production, whilst explaining the benefits of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) to the tens of thousands of visitors, young and old, who come to Family Farm in Dublin Zoo during the summer months. Through interactive educational activities and guided tours of Family Farm, local, national and international visitors will learn about the resident farm animals in Dublin Zoo and the importance of Irish agriculture.

The 'Meet the Farmer in the city' programme is a key element of Agri Aware's 'Farm to fork-CAPtured after 50 years' CAP communication campaign. The campaign is currently being delivered by Agri Aware, the independent Irish agri-food educational body. It aims to communicate the many benefits of the CAP after 2013 to the general public and farmers across Ireland, North and South. The message to this audience is that CAP delivers safe, quality and traceable food that is affordable for consumers, in addition to the highest animal welfare and environmental standards and clean rivers and lakes, whilst also ensuring food security. It also ensures the sustainable management of our natural resources and the development of our rural areas.

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