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Farm Safety Fortnight!

Monday, 11 April 2016, marked the beginning of Farm Safety Fortnight. The key focus of the campaign is to raise awareness of the potential dangers lurking on farms and highlight the importance of safety for young children on farms.

Farm Safety Fortnight runs from 11 to 25 April and coincides with the release of Agri Aware's farm and countryside safety drama, entitled, 'Once upon a farm...' which will be sent out to all primary level schools in Ireland in coming weeks.

To compliment the DVD, Agri Aware has made available their 2015 safety trail, to help children better understand the dangers that exist on the farm.

The trail is downloadable HERE while the DVD can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Use these posters to help you solve the following slogan:

To ______away from ______ , ______ look ______ on ___ ______!

Take notice of our farm safety signage at Family Farm this Farm Safety Fortnight!