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Quality Assurance Farming

When shopping for food, look for the mark that will assure you and your family that the fruit, veg, meat and eggs you are eating are traceable, of a very high quality and comes from farms where strict procedures are in place so that only the best produce goes into your basket!

Focus on Quality Food quality is hugely important to the Quality Assurance mark. The high standards and strict procedures set by Bord Bia for everybody, from farmers to factories, makes certain that only food of an excellent quality gets the Bord Bia stamp of approval.

Have natural goodness at its centre: Produce with the Quality Assurance mark comes from clean, healthy farms where all animals and crops are well looked after by farmers so that the food which ends up on your plate is full of natural goodness.

Be assured by people who know: Everyone involved in the Bord Bia QA scheme from farmers and food processors knows what makes great food! Produce is inspected at every level to ensure that there is no loss of quality from the farm right to your fork.

Lets you know exactly where it comes from: All Bord Bia QA produce can be traced from the supermarket shelf right back to the farms it came from so you and your family will always know exactly where your food's journey began! Just look out for the information on the packaging.