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Learn All About Poultry Farming

Watch how chicks are reared to chickens. The role of the Irish chicken farmer is explored from the incubation of chicks to their development as full grown chickens.

Which Came First, The Chicken or The Egg?

This million dollar question has been argued about for generations! It's a difficult question with strong arguments for both sides. But is there a definitive answer? Let's think about it logically, the egg is needed to produce the chicken, correct? Yes, so maybe the egg came first? On the other hand, don't we need the chicken to lay the egg? So then it must have been the chicken that came first? Yes? And so the arguments begin … Have a think about it and see what you think!

Chicken Breeds

There are many different breeds of chickens. Pure bred chickens such as the Marans, Silkie, Minorca, Rhode Island Reds, Bantams, Leghorns, and the Sussex are all bred in Ireland today. It is hybrid chickens that are the most common, such as growth and health. Different chicken breeds also give different types of eggs varying in different colour and size. These are cross bred.