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What Does Family Farm Hope to Achieve?

Family Farm through its variety of farm animals, fun interactive mediums and educational resources, aims to equip both young and old with a solid understanding and appreciation of agricultural life.

The farm is home to all the usual animals you would find on a typical modern Irish farm and has a garden where an array of flowers flourish and crops such as potatoes and lettuce are grown. The farm classroom (not your typical farm yard feature!) is a hub of learning. It is here that primary school tours engage in accredited Discovery Primary Science programmes such as butter making. The classroom is of course open to visitors of all ages, and the heritage exhibition (supported by the Heritage Council) gives those who do visit, the opportunity to learn all about our country's rich farming heritage and how rural Ireland itself has progressed through time.

Overall Family Farm offers visitors a unique opportunity to learn about the vital role that farming plays in our food industry and hopes to foster an awareness of the highly skilled, varied and rewarding work that farmers carry out on a daily basis.