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Meet the Farmer in the City

The ‘Meet the farmer in the city’ element of Agri Aware’s ‘Farm to fork-CAPtured, for over 50 years’ CAP communication campaign is being delivered in Family Farm, Dublin Zoo.

Each weekend during Summer 2016, Agri Aware’s resident farmers are on-site at Family Farm to help engage and educate the general public, on the importance of farming, food and the environment in Ireland, and also the role the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy).

Pictured at our Meet the Farmer in the City event recently were Dublin Zoo Director Leo Oosterweghel, and Donie Anderson our resident sheep-tillage farmer with the Daly Family from Tallaght, Dublin, visitors to Family Farm, Dublin Zoo.

Meet the Farmers

Laurence Ward

Laurence Ward is our resident sheep and tillage farmer and currently lends ewe lambs to Family Farm. Laurence's farm, in Oldtown, North Co. Dublin, has been in his family since the 1850s. Laurence farms 700 cross-bred ewes and 200 mixed-breed cattle to finishing beef, over 500 acres, on a primarily grass-based system. He also grows barley and oats for his own use on the farm. He runs the farm with his wife Denise, who grows a variety of fruit (apples and soft fruit) and vegetables (courgettes and pumpkins) which they supply local restaurants and supermarkets around Ireland. Laurence has one son, John Denis, who at the tender age of seven is already well on his way to becoming a big-time farmer, winning best-in-show for his 'Suffolk' ewe at the recent 'Flavours of Fingal' festival 2015.

Sebana Moynagh

Sebana Moynagh is our resident beef farmer and notably our only female farmer at Family Farm. Sebana kindly lends Gertie and Lisa, her suckler cow and calf, to Family Farm. Sebana single handedly farms 40 pure breed Charolais beef cattle on her farm estate near Mountnugent, Co. Cavan.

In her spare time, Sebana also lends her hand to dairying alongside her husband (who farms 25,000 dairy cows in the United Arab Emirates).

Donie Anderson

Donie Anderson is our resident sheep and tillage farmer from South Co. Dublin. Donie farms one hundred 'Wicklow Cheviots' and 'Lleyn' ewes on the Dublin mountains in the Glenasmole valley surrounding Dublin. He also grows oats and potatoes for his own personal use.

In addition to farming, Donie also breeds 'Irish Draught Mares for the Irish sport horse industry. He is also a professional sheep dog trainer where he trains dogs to farm and sees them to trial standard to compete up to National level.

Donie runs his farm with his wife Angela and daughter Mary (7).

Joe Cocoman

Joe Cocoman is our resident dairy farmer and the youngest of our 'Meet the Farmers'. His dad, Brochan, has been working closely with Family Farm since it opened in 2010 and kindly lends us dairy cows for our milking demonstrations. Joe works alongside his dad and mam (Lelia) to manage their award winning dairy farm, Kilwarden Dairies in Co. Kildare, which has been in the family since the 1970s. They farm a Holstein/Freisian mixed herd and supply milk to major co-operatives. Joe is a qualified Civil Engineer but plans on taking over his family's dairy farm in the near future.

Graham Potterton

Graham Potterton is our resident sheep shearer. He hails from Carbury, Co. Kildare where he farms pedigree grass-fed rams and ewes. It is on the family farm where he learned the skill of shearing and Graham has been shearing, both professionally and competitively, for over 10 years. He attends all major agri-shows alongside his father, Godfrey, who is a show judge and does commentary at national events. Although Graham's background is in agriculture, he works as an agri-engineering salesman during weekdays, farming part-time, and shears full-time during busy Summer period.

Below is the full schedule of events you can enjoy in Family Farm, Dublin Zoo each Saturday and Sunday during Summer 2016

Weekend Schedule:

11:00 a.m – Meet and Greet

12:15 p.m. – Milking the cow

12:30 p.m – Butter churning

1:00 p.m – Farm Tour

2:00 p.m – Farm Tour

3:00 p.m – Farm Tour

Each weekend will welcome new and exciting activities!

Through attending our 'Meet the Farmer in the City' series this summer we hope that children, and adults alike, will gain a better understanding about agriculture and food in Ireland as well as have an exciting and fun day out!

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