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Spring / Summer

Sowing and Planting

Soil must be prepared for sowing and the first thing to do is dig! Digging aerates the soil, uproots weeds and improves soil drainage. Seedlings and young plants are sown in spring, once the temperature starts to rise. Sowing can continue right throughout spring and summer.


Ever wonder why every gardener weeds? Weeds can suffocate flowers and plants. They fight with plants for their light, water and nutrients in the soil.


Composting happens all year round. It's when grass and other organic materials are recycled for re-use in the garden!


Pruning is when shrubs and flowers are cut back in spring. It conserves energy and helps plants to thrive during the next growing season.

Autumn / Winter

Cutting Back and Pruning

Pruning and cutting back in autumn encourages good growth and stronger plants and trees. Sowing

Plants and Flowers

Did you know that many varieties of plants and flowers actually blossom during the winter? Their roots help to bind the soil together in the colder months. The foliage can also shield the soil from the harsh wintry weather. Planting of Trees and Shrubs - Trees and shrubs can be planted in mid-autumn. This is when the soil is moist but not saturated and ground temperatures are still relatively warm.


Composting is when grass and other organic materials are recycled for re-use in the garden! This happens throughout the autumn and winter.


Towards the end of the winter, soil should be dug. Well rotted manure and fertiliser can be added in preparation for spring planting.