Family Farm

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The Garden

"There's something very special about growing and eating your own fruit and vegetables; eventually it becomes a way of life"

Stephen Butler, Curator of Horticulture at Dublin Zoo

These sentiments are also felt strongly with Agri Aware who strive to promote the Family Farm as a novel learning hub for people of all ages. Plants, are extremely important in Dublin Zoo so that we can give our animals habitats that are as naturalistic as possible. They also help the visiting public to immerse themselves into the animals’ world.

Fruits and vegetables play an important role not only this endeavour, but in terms of educating children, and adults alike, on the importance of attaining their 5-a-day; and this is especially seen at Family Farm where the farmhouse garden transitions itself season-to-season with an array of seasonal fruit and vegetables.

From Incredible Edibles, to the Eatwell Plate, Sensory trails, to Pond-dipping, there is something for everyone at the Family Farm garden.