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Milking Demonstration at Family Farm

Milking Demonstration at Family Farm

1st March – 30th September

Áine is our British-Freisian dairy cow visiting Family Farm over the summer months! Dixie hails from a small dairy farm in Co. Limerick.

On the dairy farm, Áine spends her days grazing luscious green pastures, producing 30 Litres of fresh milk each day.

On Family Farm, Áine takes a well-earned rest, spending her days munching on crunchy hay for a few months of the year. Here she is milked twice a day by our lovely Zookeeper Louise, producing up to 20 Litres of milk daily.

Don't forget to check out our 'The Art of Butter Churning' module at Family Farm during the school year and Agri Aware's 'Butter Disco' at weekends with Family Farm teacher Elizabeth all summer long.

Come see Áine at Family Farm where you will learn all about the important contribution she makes to the Irish Dairy Industry!

Seachtain na Gaeilge - 'Buail le Feirmeoir'

Seachtain na Gaeilge - 'Buail le Feirmeoir'

4th March – 5th March

Buail le Feirmeoir

Seachtain na Gaeilge (Irish Language Week) is an international Irish language festival and one of the biggest celebrations of our native language and culture that takes place each year in Ireland and in many other countries.

Seachtain na Gaeilge was established in 1902, when Conradh na Gaeilge saw the need to celebrate not only St Patrick's Day, but also the Irish culture and language. The festival runs from 1 – 17 March every year. The festival gives an opportunity to everyone to enjoy Irish, whether you are a fluent speaker, learner or have a cúpla focal, with a calendar of entertaining and fun events for every type of interest and every age group.

On Sunday, 5 March 11am-4pm, learn all about farming 'as Gaeilge' with Agri Aware and Seosamh Breathnach at Family Farm, Dublin Zoo. Take part in guided tours and activity trails, learning all about our lovely animals and native wildlife, picking up 'an cúpla focal' along the way.

Download our FREE activity sheet HERE from 1 March

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