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Milking Demonstration at Family Farm

Milking Demonstration at Family Farm

1st March – 30th September

Áine is our British-Freisian dairy cow visiting Family Farm over the summer months! Dixie hails from a small dairy farm in Co. Limerick.

On the dairy farm, Áine spends her days grazing luscious green pastures, producing 30 Litres of fresh milk each day.

On Family Farm, Áine takes a well-earned rest, spending her days munching on crunchy hay for a few months of the year. Here she is milked twice a day by our lovely Zookeeper Louise, producing up to 20 Litres of milk daily.

Don't forget to check out our 'The Art of Butter Churning' module at Family Farm during the school year and Agri Aware's 'Butter Disco' at weekends with Family Farm teacher Elizabeth all summer long.

Come see Áine at Family Farm where you will learn all about the important contribution she makes to the Irish Dairy Industry!