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The Eatwell Plate

To compliment our Incredible Edibles Healthy Eating Initiative, a new and recent feature to our garden is the 'Eatwell Plate'; an interactive learning tool where kids, and parents alike, can learn all about healthy eating.

What is the Eatwell plate?

The Eatwell plate is a self teaching or parent teaching resource for visitors to Family Farm.

How does it work?

Visitors to the farmhouse garden can familiarise themselves with concept of healthy eating by 'spinning-the-fork' and discussing each section of the plate where it lands.

How can I learn?

As such, the eatwell plate is a visual representation of how different foods contribute towards a healthy balanced diet. In a nutshell, foods that are like each other sit together in the same group and can be swapped. Eat foods from each group on the Eatwell Plate, in the CORRECT amounts each day to attain a healthy balanced diet.

The whole family should try to eat:

Click here for a downloadable activity sheet and here to learn all about healthy eating!

For more information on the Eatwell plate, click here!