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The end of summer camps made for a much quieter week at Family Farm.

Following the zookeeper’s talk on the milking process, the Young Farmers started each morning off with a butter making demonstration. The sunny weather brought large crowds that were organised into two groups, to compete against each other, seeing which group could make butter the fastest! The teams were met with plenty of support from onlookers and became very competitive! Once the winners were crowned best butter makers, then the crowds listened attentively to the Young Farmers discussing how CAP supports the dairy industry. Did you know that Ireland produces 10% of global infant milk formula? Thanks to our luscious green fields and the level of care dairy cattle receive on Irish farms, Irish dairy has a fantastic reputation worldwide.

The Young Farmers were kept busy with farm tours throughout each day and received plenty of excellent questions that they were more than happy to answer. Visitors to Family Farm developed by Agri Aware Dublin Zoo, were amazed to learn that chickens swallow pebbles and grit to ensure digestion of their food. Another surprising fact is that pigs are actually some of the most intelligent animals in the whole world.

As always the doors to the Farmhouse were wide open for the public to come and engage with our bio facts.

Sunday, August 21, saw the return of basket weaver Pádraig Larkin. Yet again, there was a huge interest in Pádraig’s work and visitors were really impressed with his display of baskets of all shapes and sizes suitable for a wide variety purposes. Pádraig spent the day working on a very impressive basket, using wood from a willow tree. Onlookers were very impressed with the skill he showed.

As always, there were many entrants to our farm trail competition, meaning plenty of questions for Pádraig to answer!

Our Meet the Farmer for the day was Laurence, a sheep farmer from County Dublin. As always, Laurence won over the crowd with his extensive knowledge of farming and the farm animals.

Although it was a quieter week at Family Farm, it was still thoroughly enjoyed by the Young Farmers and all who came by.

We hope to see you next time!

Steph and Éadaoin.