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Between the Family Farm and the National Ploughing Championships Éadaoin and I have been busy, busy bees!

It has been an eventful week to say the least. Éadaoin and I travelled down to Tullamore Co. Offaly to help the Agri Aware team set up their stand for the National Ploughing Championships. The following three days were very exciting between meeting the Taoiseach Enda Kenny, the Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed and engaging with thousands of visitors, educating them on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), there was never a dull moment. This year’s visitors numbers were up 2,000 (293,000), from last year. So we were extremely lucky to have the opportunity to promote the importance of Family Farm and CAP to such a large crowd. We asked visitors to complete a CAP feedback form and gave them each of them a CAP goodie bag filled with promotional items including a #Moo t-shirt, a CAP banner pen, a Farm to Fork tea towel and a CAP lunch box. The popular freebies drew great crowds into the Agri Aware stand with visitors only receiving promotional items after filling in a CAP feedback form.

This weekend Family Farm celebrated Harvest Festival. Meet the Farmers in the City Laurence Ward, visited the farmhouse and donated 3 large baskets full of pumpkins and squash, which he harvested from his family farm. Laurence grows a variety of pumpkins, including the Lakota, the Sugar and the Cow which are common species used for Halloween decorations. Pumpkins are also delicious when baked, simply on their own or in pies. They are packed with antioxidants and vitamins such as A, C and E and they are also low in calories. Éadaoin and I set up the farmhouse with hay bales and placed the pumpkins on display. We had a harvest themed colouring corner with scarecrow colouring pages and pumpkin colouring plates. In the afternoon, a face painting table was set up for pumpkin themed face paint. Our younger visitors particularly enjoyed this.

Sunday, September 25, was particularly busy in the farm house. We had plenty of fun activities and demonstrations taking place throughout the whole day. ‘Meet the Farmer’, Donie Anderson joined us for hay rope making demonstration with his fantastic helper, his daughter Mary.

Máura from the Irish Guilders, Weavers, Spinners and Dyers (IGWSD) Association taught our visitors the methods involved in wool spinning and demonstrated them on her spinning wheel. We were also accompanied by Noleen who held a calligraphy demonstration in the farmhouse. She wrote out the names of our visitors in impressive handwriting on card paper for them to bring home. At 3pm we held an apple and spoon race in the Family Farm garden and the winner was awarded a CAP umbrella which ended up coming in handy later that evening!!

By Sunday night, Éadaoin and I were zonked from such an eventful, fun week!

Thanks for joining us!

Éadaoin and Steph.