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A Day in The Life of Family Farm

Hi, Stephanie and Éadaoin here!

We are Agri Aware’s resident 'Young Farmers' and we will be working in Family Farm, which was developed by Agri Aware and Dublin Zoo, for the Summer months.

During our time at Family Farm, we will write weekly blogs detailing our progress over the next few months. In addition to providing an insight into daily life on the Family Farm, we will also be educating visitors to the farm on the benefits of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in providing a secure, safe, quality food at an affordable price to consumers, whilst helping keep our countryside green and waterways clean.

Check out our progress for yourselves on Agri Aware's Facebook and Twitter pages for daily updates, pictures, CAP Facts and details of upcoming events at the Family Farm!

Teacher in-service days and Farm Appreciation Weekend- July 4-10

Hey there! Steph and Éadaoin back again after another busy week at Agri Aware’s Family Farm in Dublin Zoo.

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Basket Making- August 15-21 2016

The end of summer camps made for a much quieter week at Family Farm.

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Sheep Shearing and Farm Antiques- July 25-31 2016

To start off the week, Young Farmers Steph and Éadaoin, as well as Family Farm teacher, Dr. Elizabeth Finnegan, were busy preparing for the coming week of summer camps. Thankfully the weather held up and our third week of summer camps really enjoyed their time with us on Family Farm.

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National Ploughing Championships and Harvest Festival weekend September 18-25 2016

Between the Family Farm and the National Ploughing Championships Éadaoin and I have been busy, busy bees!

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Hurley making, sheep shearing and IGWSD August 22-28 2016

Agri Aware’s Family Farm was very busy this week, as young farmers Steph and Éadaoin welcomed the second week of summer camps. The summer camp groups were very enthusiastic and excited to get stuck into some butter making and pond dipping after their farm tour. The youngest group learned all about pollinators in the Family Farm garden. They were delighted to take their very own handmade pollinators home with them after camp.

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Farm Walks, Summer Camps and 'Meet the Farmer' 1-7 August 2016

Hey guys, Éadaoin and Steph here. Hope you have had as much fun this week as we had! The Family Farm at Dublin Zoo has been busy once again this week, especially as it was equine weekend.

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Summer Camps, Basket Weaving and Farm Safety Day 10-17 July 2016

Yet again it has been a very busy, fun filled week on Agri Aware’s Family Farm, at Dublin Zoo. This week was our first week of summer camps! On Tuesday we greeted our first summer camp crew at the zoo entrance, then brought them over to the Farmhouse where they were full of excited chatter before they took their seats and settled down.

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Hay Rope Making and Patron's Day July 26-3 2016

Hay rope making and farm tours with 'Meet the Farmer in the City', Donie Anderson, 2 July and Agri Aware's Patron's Day with plenty of activities such as sheep shearing, 3 July.

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Hurley making and farm antiques June 19-26th 2016

Seosamh Breathnach led hurley making demonstrations on Saturday, June 25th while Sunday 26th had Michael Finnegan with his farm antiques

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Young Farmers Introduction 25th & 26th June 2016

An introduction into the lives of Agri Aware's Young Farmers on Family Farm in Dublin Zoo during summer 2016. This blog gives an insightful view into the role of a Young Farmer in Family Farm, our backgrounds and our summer endeavours with broadcasting the importance of the CAP to the general public.

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