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Agri Aware's CAP after 2013 video series

Agri Aware, the independent Irish agri-food educational body, has launched a new nationwide video campaign for 2015 entitled 'Be Agri Aware-Put your thinking CAP on' CAP after 2013 video series, to communicate the many benefits of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) after 2013 to farmers and the general public.

Agri Aware's innovative CAP video campaign will run from December 2015 until March 2016, focusing on six different aspects of the CAP after 2013, namely:

Six farmers from across Ireland invite viewers to explore how the CAP after 2013 benefits their particular farm or rural area, how Irish farmers are adapting to the changes that the CAP after 2013 brings, as well as the benefits that it has for consumers.

The CAP after 2013 videos are available on Agri Aware's YouTube channel, website and on social media channels, FACEBOOK and TWITTER, for everyone to engage in.

Join the conversation on Twitter @Agriaware and Facebook using the hashtag #CAPfacts

Click HERE to find more information on the CAP after 2013!