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CAP Competition
Be Agri Aware-Put your thinking CAP on! #BAA
Be in with a chance to WIN an iPAD

To celebrate the launch of our CAP communication campaign in cinemas and on television across Ireland-North and South, we are giving an iPad to one lucky winner, simply answer the question below (Psst...The answer is featured in the video link).

Agri Aware’s ‘Be Agri Aware-Put your thinking CAP on’ CAP communication campaign is aimed at creating an awareness and understanding among the general public and farmers about the importance of the CAP after 2013 in delivering a secure supply of safe, quality and traceable food that is affordable for consumers, in addition to the highest animal welfare and environmental standards. CAP also ensures the sustainable management of our natural resources and the development of our rural areas.?

To enter this great competition, simply answer the following question:

In the 1960s, how much household income was spent on food?


For more information on Agri Aware’s CAP communication campaign, visit: