Family Farm

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What is Family Farm?

Swinging open the gates to a new era in Irish farming in May 2010, Family Farm is a purpose built interpretative acre that represents modern Irish farm life. Established on the grounds of Dublin Zoo's old City Farm, this redeveloped area of educational fun is a must see feature of the Zoo and is integral to communicating the importance of Irish agriculture to 1 million visitors each year.

The farm is a joint venture between Agri Aware and Dublin Zoo. Agri Aware is a charitable trust which works toward improving the image and understanding of Ireland's farming and food industry amongst primary,secondary and third level students, as well as the general public. Agri Aware delivers a number of educational initiatives for each of these groups. Family Farm is Agri Aware's project to date. For more information visit

There is something for everybody at Family Farm. In the farmyard itself, visitors of all ages will learn all about the animals, from cows to chicks, while in the farmhouse classroom Ireland's agricultural history comes to life via the Farm's heritage exhibition, complete with touch screens, photographs and video footage.