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Be Agri Aware-Put your thinking CAP on!

Agri Aware is currently delivering an innovative CAP communication campaign entitled ‘Be Agri Aware – Put your thinking CAP on!’. The aim of the campaign is to communicate the many benefits of the CAP after 2013 to the general public and farmers, across Ireland-North and South.

A key element of the campaign is Agri Aware’s ‘Meet the Farmer in the City’ initiative at Family Farm, developed by Agri Aware and Dublin Zoo, which has over 1 million annual visitors. Agri Aware’s has selected a number of farmers who are the resident farmers in Family Farm, during weekends this Summer. These farmers represent a number of different sectors within the farming community and will teach visitors to Family Farm about farming, the importance of the agri-food industry and CAP during tours of Family Farm.

For more information on our 'Meet the Farmer in the City' events please click here.

Agri Aware's resident young farmers are also on hand each day during the summer months with a range of fun farm themed activities in Family Farm, Dublin Zoo. To read about a day in the life of Family Farm click here.

The campaign has a number of elements, including:

- Agri Aware’s ‘Meet the farmer in the City’ at Family Farm, developed by Agri Aware and Dublin Zoo,

- an advertisement in cinemas and on national television stations across Ireland-North and South for information on cinema listings please click here

- exhibits at the National Ploughing Championships and Tullamore Show

- billboards placed in key cities across Ireland-North and South

- newspaper and radio advertisements

- Agri Aware’s Mobile Farm at festivals and shows

To celebrate the launch of Agri Aware's CAP telestration in cinema's and on television across Ireland-North and South we are giving one lucky winner an iPad! to enter the competition click here

Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)-Good for Farmers, Food and You!

What does CAP mean?

CAP is the Common Agricultural Policy

What is CAP?

The CAP is a common EU policy that helps to support European farmers in providing guaranteed access to safe, quality, traceable and sustainably produced food for 500 million European consumers.The CAP was reformed in 2013.

Why is CAP important?

Quality, safe, traceable food at an affordable price for consumers

Keeping Ireland’s countryside beautiful, green and clean

Ensuring that local communities across Ireland survive and thrive

Giving farming and family farms a secure future

For more information on CAP from the European Commission click Here

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication this advertisement reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein